Internship — Webmaster, Early American Matters (Tallahassee)

INTERNSHIP: Webmaster who’ll help a clunky website morph into a cool one

For slightly more than a decade, this incredibly low-tech website has helped a national, interdisciplinary network of scholars keep track of goings-on:

For the record, the “Early American Matters Caucus” is a subset of the American Studies Association (ASA), which provides zero technical assistance (and which does not require people interested in this little group to become ASA members). We have a small blogspace at the org’s website,, where we can post announcements that in turn show up automatically at he ASA’s website, under “What’s New in the Community.”

Now, in preparation for turning the Caucus’s own little website over to my successor (who’s at another university and is also basically a non-techie), I need help from a bright, tech-savvy intern to help, 10 hours per week, along these lines:

  • Converting it to WordPress (or Wix or whatever) so it’ll be simpler for us non-techies to handle
  • Creating a simple database to contain basic info about members (name, title, affiliation and e-mail address ) and helping the non-techie administrator learn to use, edit, and update that database effectively
  • Generating documentation that the non-techie administrator can use in updating the database and adding new content

The webmaster will not need to generate content for the website; however, we welcome suggestions from the webmaster for making this website more effective and, of course, more visually interesting.

To schedule an interview, contact Prof. Dennis Moore, Thanks.