Internships — Entry-level Computer Technician (Tallahassee)

Through our past partnership between the Computer Refurbishing & Technical Assistance program at Lutheran Social Services of North Florida and the School of Library and Information Studies.  As you very well know, we rely upon student interns to aid us in our endeavors to get refurbished computers in the hands of low income individuals and families in Tallahassee and north Florida. Through your classes, we have had some great interns who have done a remarkable job to help us expand our program and to generate very high quality refurbished computers for distribution.  These computers become very meaningful in the lives of these low income individuals and families; help them to seek employment; further their education; and become part of our digital society.

For the upcoming Spring 2014 semester, we would very much like to have 8 interns if possible:

– four to do the actual refurbishment of donated PCs: strip down old machines; refurbish parts; purchase replacements; build machines; test and install software; track inventory and parts and software licenses; supervision of high school volunteers; in the past they have worked with servers also and other equipment (CRTs, eternal drives, laptops, printers)

– four others who could help us develop newsletters, direct mail campaigns, grants research, and other communication oriented activities

With your help, and that of your department, we would continue to help individuals and families to cross the digital divide that separates our society into the haves and those that do not have.

For more information, contact:

Peter Ott
CRTA Program Manager
Lutheran Social Services of North Florida