Bella Forever Foundation – Internship

We are a relationship building organization that seeks to bring young adults experiencing crises together with the people and resources they need to overcome their hurdles. We help bridge the gap between the problems and solutions and stand with our valued clients through the entire process. This foundation focuses on the universal truths that Bella lived by: Compassion, Love, Understanding, Patience and Respect.

We provide short term informational resources and long term mentorship for young adults in crisis. Through advocacy, we assist young adults in navigating the local resources available to them and ensure that our clients’ needs are met by the resources available. We will use relational mentoring to stand with our clients while the assistance they need comes to fruition.


Foundation Storytelling Support

Interns work alongside team members to develop content and technology for:

Website Development
As the landing page for the public, we seek to further develop our website to be an engaging space to share some of the stories behind the Foundation.

Podcast Planning
Hosted by Bella’s father, Jim Oade, the BFF Podcast is a space where community stories about universal truths come to life. Guided by our values of compassion, love, understanding, patience, and respect, this project is designed to engage, inspire, and educate.

Bird Feeder Project Development
Our hand crafted bird feeders are painted by local artists and include a QR code to share information about birds, science, and resources. This project is designed to facilitate connection within our community.

Deadline to submit the School of Information’s internship application for the fall 2023 semester is September 15th.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to Dr. Ivanna Pengelley at