Part-Time Junior Tester


Do you enjoy digging deeper into web applications to see what will happen if you just “try this one thing?” Do you find yourself combing over the functionality and settings of a new application that you’ve just downloaded to your device? Do you enjoy figuring out problems that on the surface seem to make no sense?

Haneke Design is looking for a part-time tester to assist with putting web and native iOS and Android applications through their paces. Desired traits are curiosity, ability to communicate effectively and a desire to set right what once went wrong.

We value those testers that look behind the curtains and have the desire to add value by addressing risk head-on & mitigating it.


  • Manual testing skills (learn to walk before you run – if you need help with this we will assist the right candidate)
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking (What if…)
  • Scientific method applied toward testing efforts
  • Be willing to collaborate and learn
  • Ability to work with developers as peers
  • No dev/tester PVP required

We see testing as a human activity. We understand that our testing serves our clients and their needs.

Please no job recruiter solicitations