Webinar Internship

Job Description
Intern for “We the People” Webinars

Summary: The intern will produce PowerPoint presentations and talking points for a series of four webinars to explore changes in the way that the American people interact with all levels of government. Entitled “We the People,” the underlying premise of the webinars is that Web 2.0 is changing both government and the way that the public interacts with government. Each webinar will feature 40 minutes of content. One webinar will be conducted on each of the following topics:

• The Intersection of Government and Web 2.0
• The Open Government Movement
• Trends in Government Transparency
• The Internet and Civil Engagement

Qualifications: The intern should possess:

  • A basic understanding of Web 2.0.
  • The ability to summarize complicated concepts in brief bullet points.
  • The ability convert information gathered through interviews into writing.
  • The ability to work with high-level public and private sector officials.
  • Experience in using social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.
  • An interest in government and general knowledge of the responsibilities of the various levels of government.

Desirable, but not required, qualifications:

–          Experience in conducting webinars.

–          A thorough understanding of the technological and business aspects of conducting webinars.

Target Audience: It is anticipated that up to 1000 people will participate in each webinar. The audience will be comprised primarily of federal, state and local government officials who participate in the Association of Government Accountants.

Timeframe: Project completion by June 18, 2010, which is the last day of Session B of the summer 2010 term.

Contact: Ebe Randeree – eranderee@cci.fsu.edu