Documentary Internship (Summer)

Project Overview:
Documentary Film on Dr. James Thomas Wills

Project Description: Plan, write and film a documentary about Dr. James Thomas Wills, Associate Professor, Florida State University from 1973 until his death in 1976 at the age of 55. Materials that students gather in conducting research for the documentary will be provided to the Pepper Center or other appropriate repository.

Purpose: The film will add to FSU’s collection of information about its faculty and will to assist the FSU Foundation raise funds for the Wills scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in FSU’s College of Communication & Information.

Audience: The audience includes The Black Alumni Association, other potential donors to the Wills scholarship, students and the community.

Nature of the Film: Key aspects of the film, including its length, production technique, locations, voiceover and music, will be determined in consultation with faculty. In addition to interviews with faculty, students and other people who knew Dr. Wills, the film may also feature photographs and other materials available from FSU’s Pepper Center and other sources.

Timeframe: Project completion by August 6, 2010 which is the last day of Session A of the summer 2010 term.

Contact: Ebe Randeree  (