Business Information Manager @ Meridian Behavioral Healthcare (Gainesville)

Position Summary:

This is a highly responsible professional management position to managing the center’s Information Services and Business Intelligence initiatives utilizing technological tools, processes, and application to report, maintain and analyze data generated from all MBH processes and functions. This position is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Business Intelligence contracts including, organizing and providing support, training, tracking time worked, and fulfilling all other contracted obligations. Requires the ability to work independently, good organizational and time management skills, ability to multi-task, ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, ability to work flexible hours, ability to problem solve, make decisions, implement plans, ability to organize data and information into logical formats for presentations in reports, documents, and other written materials is essential. The Manager is expected to interact with stakeholders, internal and external, and is sometimes required to represent Meridian’s management team to these stakeholders. The work requires the use of independent judgement and initiative in carrying out day-to-day duties and responsibilities and while under the supervision of the Chief Information Officer.


Minimum Qualifications:

·  Education: A Bachelor’s (BS) Degree and a minimum of one-year programming experience or an Associate (AS) Degree and a minimum of two years programming experience

·  Experience: A minimum of three/five years of experience in software development utilizing Microsoft SSAS or SSIS data warehouses, T-SQL and Microsoft .NET supported programming languages

·  Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: Microsoft Office: (Word, Access, Excel), Business Information Reporting, Microsoft SSRS, Microsoft Visual Studio, T-SQL.

·  ** Must be able to type at least 27 wpm on prescreen assessment and score at least 65% on general assessment.


Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Work with all levels of staff, including Senior Leadership to ensure that all reports are timely, responsive and vetted for accuracy.
  • Report Center-wide and Department Dashboards to Senior Management and quarterly.
  • Monitor reports, and any other center-wide data to provide information to Senior Leadership Council.
  • Manage the accuracy of data system wide, periodically review and identify areas of inconsistency and work with Meridian staff to correct the deficiencies.
  • Collect, analyze, and summarize performance data, identify opportunities for improvement and present findings to appropriate departments/committees.
  • Design and direct the development of systems, policies, and procedures for the identification, collection, and analysis of business intelligence, risk management, performance improvement, and quality measurement data.
  • Perform trend analysis, complete reports and present statistical analyses and findings.
  • Research, collect, validate, and collate data and information to support center-wide efforts to develop and produce the annual reports
  • The Manager supervises the production of accurate and meaningful business intelligence reports and supervises the development of applications to provide the tools for Meridian leadership
  • Work with the CIO and Senior Leadership to ensure that all Data Warehouse reports are available to approved users, functioning accurately, and vetted for accuracy. Lead the development and monitoring of the Center’s Data Warehouse Solution as related to objectives in the Strategic Plan, Executive and Departmental Dashboards, and Strategic Initiatives. Responsible for the availability and accuracy of Meridians data posted to the data warehouse as well as reports generated from the data warehouse. Carefully assesses data related to performance, risk, quality, and dashboard measures, to evaluate her area and recommend changes in systems or staff workflow.
  • Works with HealthAI customer teams to implement and maintain contracted Data Warehouse Solutions.
  • The Manager protects the assets of the Center, including its reputation, by immediately reporting any adverse event, or potentially adverse event, involving a person served Center property, fellow employee, or community stakeholder.
  • The Manager holds in high confidence all information and data that is made available to him/her and understands the responsibility associated with this supreme responsibility.  Data will be mined and or shared with staff and stakeholders based on approved need and with consultation with the CIO or other Executive Management team member(s) as appropriate.

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