Director of Applications and Development

General Description of Duties

Initial salary may be up to 15% above the minimum salary based on verified related education, experience, and training above the minimum requirements.
This is professional, administrative and supervisory work managing all areas of Leon County’s applications/databases, development, and supporting staff. This includes the Leon County’s core applications for nearly 2,500 users, such as the web services, ERP, finance, electronic document management and work order management applications and the Justice Information System (JIS). This position also has the responsibility of supporting several of Leon County’s Constitutional Officers IT related efforts for electronic document management, ERP, work order management, and the JIS. This position further provides the overall Leon County IT area with professional and executive support when required and is part of the succession planning path to the Director of MIS/GIS position.
Supervise the application, database, and development and support teams. Assign projects and tasks. Train employee(s) to perform task and/or coordinate required training. Develop and maintain an employee training plan that meets project requirements. Develop employee standards and performance expectations based upon mission needs. Conduct employee evaluations. Coordinate, manage, and authorize employees’ leave based upon project needs. Perform hiring procedures.
Manage all application, development, and database related projects and tasks. Analyze and design system projects and task in coordination with application and database development teams. Attend/schedule project planning meetings with Leon County and Constitutional Office customers, managers and executives. Produce standards and procedures for Leon County and Constitutional Office customer’s related functions. Research, test and evaluate current and application/development and database systems hardware and software. Communicates specific application/development and database information needs to management. Review all legislative and legal requirements specific to Leon County and Constitutional Office customer’s IT efforts and projects. Coordinate all inter agency projects which interface to any of Leon County and/or Constitutional Office customer’s applications. Design and establish application/development and database training programs. Produce work plans and related data on all application/development and database projects and tasks.
Responsible for all aspects of the application/development and database system administration to include system design, testing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance and modifications. Implement and coordinate joint development teams as needed to support application/development and database projects and task. Monitor all related application/development and database user activity daily. Plan for all systems maintenance and upgrades to be performed to lessen negative user impact. Monitor the install updates, patches and PTFs to the all operating system, databases and applications. Monitor all software and hardware maintenance agreements with vendors. Contact vendors for hardware and software support. Maintain and monitor all software licenses. Compile training, travel, software, and hardware cost analysis information. Research technology for future implementation. Generate purchase order requests for all required system support. Contact vendors for as needed hardware/software repair, supplying 24/7 365 response. Test all hardware and software prior to introduction. Manage user roles and accounts and assist in security audits as required. Establish and maintain system security at OS, DB, and application level. Assist in system trouble shooting, hardware, OS, DB, and applications. Develop short and long term data recovery plans. Coordinate with DBA “hot back up” with OS/DB systems and D.R.
Responsible for all levels of interagency cooperation and coordination as it relates to Leon County and Constitutional Offices. Conduct periodic user/customer site visits to solicit feedback for all application/development and database projects and products. Evaluate outside agency request for application/development and database systems access. Provide managerial and executive support to agencies requesting access to any applications/development and/or databases. Consult with management on new agency access privileges. Facilitate any Leon County applications/development and database and other intra-agency contract signing.

Coordinate and plan new system development and/or applications. Perform and document any new application business requirements and processes. Establish new training program as it relates to new applications. Present proposed applications to management and executive staff for approval.


Supervision Received

This position’s duties are determined by politics and strategies, typically from the County Administration, Division, Department or Board. Independent judgment is required to establish and obtain support for organizational goals and to meet desired outcomes.  Employee must be highly autonomous and show much independence. This position supports and coordinates the deployment of all Leon County applications/development and database to various state and local level agencies and citizens, and also provides guidance and support to the public as required.

Supervision of Others
Position is supervisory. The incumbent will supervise five Senior Management staff (IT Coordinator – Work Order & EDMS, IT Coordinator – Web Development, IT Coordinator – Admin Services, Oracle Enterprise Architect, and Public Safety Manager).


General knowledge of operating systems supporting platforms, RDBM technology, and SQL and Oracle DB and applications. Working knowledge of internet/intranet based applications, including mobile applications. Ability to communicate technical information to management and end users. Ability to communicate application and database information to all teams, users and management. Strong knowledge of the judicial process. Ability to quickly and accurately evaluate situations. Strong knowledge of HR, Purchasing and HIPAA processes and procedures. Ability to research and manage resources to accomplish the task or mission. Ability to supervise in a diverse and complex environment. Ability to understand human dynamics as they relate to all Leon County application and databases. Ability to lead projects. Ability to manage multiple tasks. Ability to solve problems under many different scenarios. Ability to manage multiple tasks.


This position requires self-initiative and independent decision making when managing complex and fluid environments such as Leon county’s applications and databases. The ability to work with minimal supervision is required due to the 24/7 mission critical nature of many of Leon County’s applications and databases. The incumbent in this position must be fluid and flexible with the diverse Leon County user community and wide range of applications. Creative thinking and drawing on experience and training are vitally important. Many of the tasks performed are under stressful situations and solutions must be made based upon, training, experience and knowledge of the overall process.


Contact is made with County Commissioners, County and Constitutional Office department heads and staff for the purpose of application and database support, purchasing activities, library activities, JIS and case management, ERP and web support, and other various activities. A person in this position will also have contact with the citizens of Leon County to evaluate and monitor all public information delivery through the use of technology.

Equipment used include a  personal computer and various software including: MS Office Suite, Oracle, SQL, and Linux. A fax machine, calculator, and vehicle are also used.


Work is mainly indoors at a desk in one location while seated in a chair.  A video display terminal is used.  Work may require travel to off-site locations of City and County offices.  Physical demands are limited to eye and muscle tension/strain due to the constant use of a computer.


Requires graduation from an accredited four year college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in IT, CIS, MIS, or Computer Science and eight years of related experience, of which four years must have been in a supervisory capacity. One year of related work/supervisory experience may be substituted for one year of formal education, assuming the candidate has extensive experience in the support and management of a applications/development role.

Necessary Special Requirements:.
Must possess a valid Driver’s License and a favorable driving record.

All Leon County employees (regular full-time and part-time, OPS, and PRN) are required to work before, during and after a Declared Local State of Emergency (DLSOE). Participation is considered a condition of employment.

Selection Guidelines:
Formal application,  rating of education and experience, oral interview, reference check, and drug testing.

FLSA STATUS:  Position currently meets the administrative, professional, and computer exemption because the position meets the salary test,  and the position performs supervisory, professional and administrative work activities that  require the use of discretion and independent judgment.