Full Time Graphic Designer

The UPS Store Print Shop on the FSU campus is seeking a motivated Full time Graphic Designer to work 35-40 hours per week. Applicant must be proficient in Adobe InDesign. Minimum one year print/copy experience preferred. This job is a great opportunity for someone looking for real world experience in the field of graphic design. Please send resumés to John Ross at fsuprintmanager@gmail.com.

The pay rate for this position will start at $8.50 per hour.

This person would assist with printing proofs for digital and offset print jobs which requires a good bit of file editing. They would help set up stationary jobs and proofs using Adobe InDesign. Work with clients on creating new designs or editing files for printing, websites, or other media types. This person would also assist with setting up and printing variable data jobs. In addition to design work this employee would assist in other areas around the print shop.

Both positions are basically identical and would both do the same type of work and work together as a team. We are planning to hire the part-time job right away and expect to need the full-time position for a possible soon to leave full-time Graphic Designer currently on Staff.