Media Program Specialist @ Florida Technology Student Association

Job Type: Part Time, Contractor
Contract Scope: 2023 FL TSA Leadership Conference and 2024 FL TSA State Conference

Job Responsibilities

  • Shoot still photos and action videos of Florida TSA student members at state conferences
  • Take photos that exemplify technical and leadership attributes exhibited by FL TSA members
  • Attend FL TSA Leadership Conference and FL TSA State Conferences in their entirety
  • Provide photos and videos to FL TSA webmaster
  • Provide advice and oversight to FL TSA social media accounts
  • Provide multimedia content and upload content to FL TSA social media accounts
  • Contribute to a creating a wider awareness of Florida TSA to the general public
  • Coordinate schedules with conference managers and state officer advisor
  • Timely communication with FL TSA executive director, FL TSA board of directors, FL TSA staff
  • Provide guidance to state officer team on use of social media upon request
  • Participate in conference planning session virtually when required to gain understanding of¬†conference activities


  • Prior photography experience
  • Proficiency with managing social media accounts and posting content
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Applications
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Positive team oriented attitude
  • Experience with meeting deadlines
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Receptive to constructive feedback

Reports to Florida TSA Executive Director

Apply by sending resume and letter of intent to Justin Lauer, FL TSA Executive Director