Librarian @ ova Southeastern University’s Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center (GHOC), Fl.

Nova Southeastern University’s Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center (GHOC), located in Dr. Von D. Mizell – Eula Johnson State Park in Dania Beach, Florida is hiring an entry level academic librarian to work in our Oceanographic Campus Library.  This rare opportunity offers a plethora of special benefits that are unique to this position:

  • Work in a world-class marine-research facility that specializes in coral reef, fish populations, physical oceanography, deep-sea, and marine genetics and genomics research
  • Volunteer opportunities available to you include rescuing sea turtles, tagging sharks, advocacy for environmental education efforts at Tortuga Music Festival (read: Free Concert Tickets!), and participating in GHOC sponsored beach cleanups.
  • Work closely with graduate students in their thesis and dissertation journeys.
  • Your office is 75% glass windows overlooking Port Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturdays by appointment only.  No late night shifts!
  • Work as a liaison with fascinating and engaged faculty and researchers!
  • Listen to speakers from all over the world speak on a range of biological and environmental topics in our state-of-the-art auditorium located within the GHOC.
  • This is a small niche library with a staff of 3.5.  We are small but mighty – 2 librarians, 1 senior library assistant, and a part-time work-study – provide reference and instruction services to our GHOC faculty, research staff, and graduate and undergraduate Marine Science students.  This facility is not open to the public.
  • Growth happens fast!  Our career ladder for librarians allows you to be eligible for promotion to a Librarian II within 2 years and a Librarian III 5 years later.  Both long-term librarians at the Oceanographic Campus library were promoted beyond that and are still here at NSU.  Both cried when they left.
  • The Oceanographic Campus Library is a part of the larger NSU library system, including our unique joint-use Alvin Sherman Library.
  • Benefits at NSU are great!

You do not need a science background for this position.  Having a passion for the environment and an interest in learning this subject area is the only requirement outside of your MLS.  In addition to all of the fun things above, here is the nitty gritty about what the job entails: