Peer Mentor @ FSU CGE

Apply now for an opportunity to spend six weeks this summer working as a Peer Mentor for the Center for Global Engagement’s (CGE) Special Programs!

Live in Ragans Hall, assist with program orientation and activities, and provide cross-cultural support for approximately 130 students from South Korea, Mexico, and Japan. Get to know students from all over the world and serve as a cultural ambassador for FSU and the U.S.

The International Students participating in the CGE Special Program will come to FSU in three groups (June 30-July 10, July 14-24 and August 1-7) to attend an intensive course in either Hospitality or Intercultural Communication for ten days. Afterwards, they will participate in six months of academic training at the Walt Disney World® Resort (internship).  These programs are organized by FSU’s Center for Global Engagement.

Peer Mentors live in the residence hall with the students, eat meals with them, and help orient them to university life in the United States. They offer further support by assisting with campus tours, field trips, and cultural, social, and recreational activities when they are not in class. Peer Mentors also help transport the students by van or minivan when necessary within Tallahassee.


  • Live in Ragans Hall with the students, provide support, and help facilitate program activities and events.
  • Serve as a liaison between the students and Special Programs staff; also keep staff aware of any concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Participate actively in the Peer Mentor orientations and all Peer Mentor meetings.
  • Help prepare for students’ arrival and assist with airport pickups, check-in procedures, and helping students locate their rooms and settle in.
  • Actively participate in the initial orientation for students, and lead their campus tours.
  • Accompany students to meals on campus (Meals for Peer Mentors are provided with this position – see compensation below).
  • Attend and assist with field trips as needed.
  • Share cultural information about student life and living in the United States.
  • Serve as a resource to students, help orient them to campus and to life in the U.S. and communicate serious issues immediately to the Center for Global Engagement staff.
  • Help with event and food preparation/set-up and clean-up/reset as needed.
  • Serve as “on-call” for student needs on a rotational basis. The on-call peer is expected to stay in their apartment during this time and be available to assist with students’ needs.
  • Accompany students to University Health Services or other health care locations if necessary.
  • Assist students with luggage (can weigh up to 70 pounds).


  • Interest in interacting with people from other cultures.
  • Able to serve as a cultural ambassador, accurately providing information about typical events/activities/daily life for Americans and FSU students.
  • Great interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others as part of a team.
  • Organized and responsible, detail-oriented
  • Experience living, working, or studying abroad (preferred, but not required)
  • Valid driver’s license and acceptable driver’s history and be willing to drive a mini van within Tallahassee if needed.
  • Have a cell phone and be willing to use it to stay in contact with Special Programs staff.
  • Ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 30 pounds, in addition to assisting with (sometimes lifting) luggage weighing up to 70 pounds.
  • Successful completion of criminal history background check

Period of Employment

June 25 – August 7 (with one mandatory orientation meeting earlier in April)

Program Session Dates

Move-In Day June 25
Orientation/Preparation June 25-29 Approximately 30-35 hours
Session One June 30 – July 10 (Range of 30-50 hours per week)
Pre-Session Two July 10-13 Approximately 25-30 hours
Session Two July 14-24 (Range of 30-50 hours per week)
Pre-Session Three July 24-31 Approximately 25-30 hours
Session Three August 1-7 Approximately 40-45 hours
Move-out Day/Program Ends August 7


This time commitment will satisfy the International or Intercultural Sustained Experience requirement for the Global Citizenship Certificate.

Employment Details

Peer Mentors will be expected to move into Ragans Hall on June 25 by 2:00pm to attend a provided team dinner and team building activity that evening and the required Peer Mentor orientations starting on June 26. They are required to live in Ragans Hall during all program session dates described above. They are not required to live in Ragans Hall between those dates (i.e., during “pre-sessions” but may find it convenient to do so, as they work to prepare for the next session.

During program sessions, Peer Mentors may be scheduled to be working anytime from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 pm, but scheduled work time is approximately 40 hours per week and should not exceed 40 hours per week without supervisor approval. Peer Mentors will need to be diligent in tracking their hours accordingly.

Between program sessions, when students are not on campus, Peer Mentors will help prepare for the next session and receive further training.

Peer Mentors will need to move out of Ragans Hall by noon on August 7. Failure to complete move-out procedures by this deadline will result in a late check-out fine being posted to the Peer Mentor’s student account.

Peer Mentors will be required to work on the Fourth of July as this holiday falls within a session.

Please note that due to the demanding nature of the summer schedule, preference will be given to (a) students who are not taking a summer class and (b) students who are not employed elsewhere during the dates indicated under “Program Session Dates.”


Peer Mentors will earn $12.00 per hour with a varying work schedule ranging from 30-50 hours per week during sessions.

The Center for Global Engagement will provide a room in Ragans Hall for each Peer Mentor for the entire period of employment. Peer Mentors may stay on campus in between sessions but are not required to.

The Center for Global Engagement will provide three meals per day during program sessions and two meals per day between sessions. Lunches and dinners will primarily be in Suwannee, and breakfasts primarily in the Globe Dining Room. Apartments in Ragans Hall are equipped with kitchens, but not cooking supplies.

Noted Contingencies

An offer for this position is contingent upon a successful background check, a clean driving history (as verified by the state DMV), and no violations of the FSU Student Conduct Code.

Application Process and Deadlines

Please complete application at by Friday, April 7. Interviews will be held by the end of April.

For any questions, please contact Dr. Robert Hughes, Program Director for CGE Special Programs at