Jennifer Brown and Emily Marturana Student Research Travel Awards

Jennifer Brown and Emily Marturana, both doctoral students in the School of Communication Science and Disorders, received Student Research Travel Awards from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to travel to its annual convention this November in San Diego.  Only 24 students from around the country were chosen for this prestigious honor. In addition to these two students, the following SCSD doctoral and master’s students will be presenting their research findings at the conference: Sheri Stronbach, David McCoy, Chelsey Cohen, Whitney Guthrie, Danielle Brimo, Caitlyn Boyack, Ana Golchert, Megan O’Hara, Michele Peyser, Jordan Scheid, Megan Sierra, Kristina Thelen,  Mollie Friedman, Derek Headley, Crystal Gordan, Kimberly Kennell, Patricia Santana, Jane Messier,  Jessica Norman, LaKeisha Cooper, Mary Spence,  Laura Gingrich,  Yu-Chin Chih, Melissa Martin, Leanne Snider, Lauren Greenblom, Elizabeth Savoldy, Elise Robinson, Min Jung Kim,  Colleen Ennis, Jenna Mroczek, Phillip Rubin, Asia Williams, Marta Cuervo, Carlos Carrasquillo, and Nell Rosenberg.