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20 Questions with Pam Doffek

Pam Doffek 20 Questions with Pam Doffek

  1. What was your first job? 
    I was a checkout clerk at the A&P grocery store in Oconto, Wisconsin…would you like 4 loaves of bread for $1 with your order?
  1. If you were to write a personal memoir, what would you name it? 
    Either “Groundhog Day” or “I Go to Extremes”
  1. Where did you grow up? 
    I was born in Milwaukee, WI but my “formative” years were in Oconto WI.
  2. What is your favorite class you’ve taught?
    As an academic, LIS 5273 Exploration in the Information Professions. I love to see the fire in the students’ eyes when they realize ALL the jobs they can get with our Masters degree, not just libraries.   As a fiber arts teacher it’s probably Fabric Marbling because it’s so serentipitous.
  1. What is your favorite place to grab dinner in Tallahassee?
    Far East (Thomasville Rd and Timberlane Rd) Best Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, American menu outside of any 1 specialized restaurant. Although Pho Me is coming in big as a contender.
  1. What are your hobbies outside of work? 
    Fiber Art, Embroidery, Gardening, attending cultural events.
  2. Have you always wanted to teach?
    ALWAYS. Although in high school I realized I liked teaching in small groups, not large classroom environs.
  3. What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to or where would you like to go?
    My favorite place was Germany; part of my cultural heritage and so close to so much of the rest of Europe. I WANT to go to Australia and New Zealand.
  4. How many football games have you attended? 
  5. Proudest career/life moment?
    2Lt/MLS/BA in Studio Art all have been highpoint achievements.
  6. What’s your favorite band? 
    Emerson Lake and Palmer
  7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
    “Take the challenging work.” All the great work and personal fulfillment have been things that caused me to stretch.
  8. If money were no object, how would you spend your days? 
    Creating multi-medium, multi-dimensional philanthropic art.
  9. What is your favorite book and why? 
    Monster Mama by Liz Rosenberg. It’s a universal story about the love between a mother and child….and it’s in Goldstein Library, EASY PZ7.R71894 Mo 1993 (it was here when I took the job, but I’d read it in a different job)
  10. If you could be famous for something, what would it be? 
    Making a difference in the life of a student who graduated from the iSchool (and its previous iterations)
  11. What Jeopardy category could you clear, no problem? 
    Embroidery Techniques.
  12. Do you have any pets? 
    Just the Wooly Buggers that hide in the corners of the entire house.
  13. When did you start working at Florida State University? 
    December 2004.
  14. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?  
    Despicable Me 2 (I LOVE the Minions!)
  15. What is the best part about your job? 
    It’s never boring.