Alumni Spotlight – Jeffrey Melbourne

Graduating from FSU’s iSchool in 2003, Jeffrey Melbourne has moved his way up in the IT industry and at the current company he works for, Johnson & Johnson (J&J).  At J&J, a multinational healthcare company, Melbourne is currently the Director of Global Supply Chain Business Technology.

CCI interviewed Melbourne to learn more about his experiences.


CCI: What does your role at J&J entail?


Melbourne: “I’m on the Supply Chain Side.


I own the technology element of the manufacturing, so anything from when the demand comes into the plant to leaving out to deliver. Those systems are all within my kind of scope. I ensure they are operating correctly to support manufacturing, as well as bringing in innovation for new problems and opportunities within J&J.”


CCI: How did you get your first position at J&J and how have you moved up in the company?


Melbourne: “I got into my field through doing opportunistic contracting. I didn’t really go out thinking that this was what I’d do with myself. But I saw opportunities to install networks and all kinds of technology solutions for smaller businesses around my area that needed it.


So, I started doing this in small ad-hoc contractor-type elements, and as I was doing that I was gaining a reputation. That reputation led me to this one company that said, ‘We want you to do that for us but we will hire you to do it.’”


“It was for a small company (about 70 employees), and so I started doing that for them. Johnson and Johnson bought the smaller company and so I came to J&J through an acquisition.”


CCI: How did your time at CCI help prepare you for your current role?


Melbourne: “The degree itself was indispensable in gaining that Information Technology knowledge. Also, when I came out of the army, I moved down to South Florida, and I was looking to finish school. I wanted to do it through FSU, and they had a remote program at CCI. It was perfect for me.


CCI: What is your biggest accomplishment since graduating from FSU?


Melbourne: “One that I would highlight is that at the beginning of COVID-19, I had been dabbling with 3-D printers. When COVID hit and shut down the world, the first thing they said is that everyone needs to put masks on to help prevent this virus. It was like the first thing but there were no masks to be found.


So, I went out and made a mask on this 3-D printer. I did it for myself, next I did it for my family and friends. Then together with my family, we begin printing and assembling masks to donate and taking them to local retail locations, medical and nursing associations that were near my house for donation.”


“They were a big hit, and it was definitely one of my most personally rewarding accomplishments.”


CCI: What advice do you have for current CCI Students?


Melbourne: “First and foremost, in the words of Michael Jordan, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ Never be afraid to put yourself out there because you’re going to fail but you’re also going to hit.”


Learn more about Jeff and his experience in the IT industry and with J&J on his Linkedin here!


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