CCI Alumnus Chris Cyrille becomes TEDx Speaker

Chris Cyrille (B.S. Information Technology ‘18) recently spoke at TedxUF on how fashion ties into self-image. When asked how his personal sense of fashion affected his self-image, he explained that he experienced several hardships during his childhood that caused his self-esteem to suffer, saying, “My self-image was shot. I put in a valiant effort into fighting depression and anxiety. Fashion and style was my outlet…Aside from clothing, fashion, and style, getting through any tough time means finding your happy, optimistic self and letting that person shine through. My sense of fashion was that for me.”

In his talk at TedxUF, Cyrille discussed enclothed cognition which is the idea that what a person wears affects how they think. “There’s a shift in mindset and spirit when we switch out of pajamas and into a workout outfit, jeans, or suit,” Cyrille explained. When speaking with CCI, he shared that his goal throughout his talk was to explain this idea and encourage others to express their uniqueness as well as to convey that “self-confidence is in you – not on you.”

Cyrille explained what the opportunity to speak on this topic means to him, saying, “Being able to discuss the connection between fashion and self-image was pretty simple. It’s something I’ve been studying for years. It’s scary putting something you are so passionate about into the world because, at first, you worry about the feedback. Then, I realized that I was chosen for a reason, and that whatever the feedback, I would be proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing a bit of myself with the world.” Cyrille also expresses his passion for fashion through his business Canopy Road Styling, whose mission is to bring “ease of living to discerning men by creating custom wardrobe plans.”

Cyrille shared his advice for current students, saying, “You are more than a student. You are all your hobbies and experiences. When school gets overwhelming, find a happy medium. Luckily for me, my passion saved me.”