Comm Alumna Named Executive Assistant for Worldwide Women’s Ministry

Lindsay Durrenberger (’08, B.A. Communications) has been promoted to Executive Assistant for Blessed is She, a worldwide online Catholic women’s ministry. Because it is online, Lindsay works from home full-time allowing her the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with her two sons and husband. Her day-to-day will vary but generally includes social media management, website maintenance, customer service, small group coordination, and everything else that goes into working behind the scenes for a ministry.

Lindsay had the opportunity to study abroad with the FSU International Program in Communication in London during 2007 then was hired to work right after college through 2008. Through her international experience and love of culture, Lindsay discovered she thrives from being around people. “Everyone around me is so different than me and lights up my life in a different way.”

Growing up, Lindsay had dreams of working in broadcast television. Luckily she got an internship at a news station during her senior year at FSU and got a job there post-graduation. After working there for several years, she felt like it wasn’t where she wanted to be professionally or personally which is how she ended up in the marketing and copywriting world where she stayed for a brief time. “Once I started having kids,” Lindsay explains “I moved out of the corporate world into freelancing in order to be able to use my degree and spend more time at home.”

Using her skills in networking that she learned while in the School of Communication, Lindsay made connections in the digital world and helped secure her spot on the Blessed is She team. But she wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of her support network. “Something really special about communication professionals, especially those who have Florida State in common, is that we’re all rooting for each other and will do anything to help each other out,” says Lindsay. “Every single job I’ve had since graduation, this one included, has been because someone I knew helped me.”

With such a wide career portfolio within the sphere of communication, Lindsay offers some advice for students who aren’t quite sure where their professional path will take them. “Figure out who you are, not what you think you should do. Every person is so much more than what they do. When you figure out who you are, your career decisions will be so much easier.”

Starting her own business in her twenties, making a huge career transition, raising rambunctious but courteous boys, and maintaining her professional freelancing career has been a whirlwind for Lindsay Durrenberger but she takes it all in stride and lets herself be inspired by those she loves and those who love her fiercely back. Whatever life has in store for Lindsay, she’s up for the challenge. “My current focus is leaning into growing pains,” says Lindsay. “It’s the best way to learn!”