Dustin Mathews: iSchool Alumnus and Chief Wealth Evangelist at WealthFit

Dustin Mathews graduated from Florida State University in 2004 with his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and is currently residing in San Diego as the Chief Wealth Evangelist for WealthFit. While the title of ‘Chief Evangelist’ has been floating around places like Silicon Valley for a few years, Mathews explains his role at WealthFit. “I get to bring the world’s best wealth creation information and teachers to the those that have a strong desire to change their financial futures.” During his time at FSU, Mathews participated in the Study Abroad Program and learned skills both professionally and personally that still benefit him to this day. “Having studied abroad for a summer combined with being able to meet so many people with diverse backgrounds taught me how to communicate and empathize. Understanding how someone might see things has helped me immensely on my journey.”

Originally planning to work in computer tech, specifically wireless networking, the plan shifted significantly after Mathews read Rich Dad, Poor Dad which led him down the path towards his current vocation. Now he is able to passionately apply his knowledge to whatever new challenges his job throws his way. “I’m continually presented new opportunities to grow and expand. For example, we just launched a podcast so we could reach a whole new audience. I had never done this before including the technical setup, recruiting guests and learning how to interview. Having done close to forty interviews I’ve grown tremendously as a person and the education I’ve acquired is invaluable.”

As far as advice he has for anyone currently struggling with a career path, Mathews suggests trying numerous different things and seeing what sticks. “Steve Jobs said it best, ‘You can only connect the dots looking back.’ If you have an intuition to try something then do it. You might not stick with it but odds are there is a reason why you are curious. Funny note, I wanted to be a philosophy major at FSU, however my parents said no. I still went and sat in on lectures. Who knew I would find Stoicism twenty years later. What if I had found it then?” Similarly, he would have encouraged his younger self to explore more opportunities while still in college. “Pursue opportunities to grow, try many different things, and experience more.”

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