Karim Rahmat: Customer Relationship Management Consultant at Tribridge & IT Alumnus

Los Angeles native, Karim Rahmat, graduated from Florida State with a B.S. in Information Technology in 2016. He currently works at Tribridge, a DXC Technology company in Tampa, as a CRM Functional Consultant. “On a day-to-day basis, I work with small to mid-size businesses, focused on gathering business requirements and customizing a CRM solution that best fits their needs. I work with clients through customer meetings, demoing the CRM software that is being built and ensuring it meets the requirements that have been gathered. Each CRM solution that we build is tailor made to the specific company or business.”

Karim was one of Florida IT Career Alliance’s 2017 Alumni Survey winners. In the survey, he shared how is education at Florida State prepared him for his career: “My education gave me the tools I needed in order to succeed by teaching me professionalism, punctuality, and motivation. The skills I gathered while in school enabled me to strive to learn more and push harder to learn about things that I don’t know.”

Karim’s education and professional field have showed him the importance to never stop learning. “I’ve realized that things are constantly changing. In order to be successful and stay successful, I have to be motivated and push myself harder to continue learning. Learning doesn’t stop after you end your college career; it’s a life-long process that should allow you to better yourself each and every day.” Moreover, the company that Karim works for, Tribridge, prides itself on continuous development and training of their team members to “continually enhance service delivery, management and support – and realize measurable, impactful results for customers.” Karim shared about the difference between the workforce and school: “Although Tribridge taught me everything I needed to know in order to become a successful CRM Consultant, my education gave me the poise to be successful.”