Meet CCI Alumna Juliana Cortes

CCI alumna Juliana Cortes (MCS ’20) is making waves in the up-and-coming field of influencer marketing and creator management.

Cortes currently works in creator management at GRIN, which she explained is “the first ever all-in-one creator management platform that allows brands to work with all types of creators.” Many successful brands such as SKIMS, Allbirds, Olaplex, and LiquidIV utilize GRIN for creator management.

At GRIN, Cortes communicates with brands of all sizes about their marketing techniques and how GRIN’s platform can assist with creator strategies. She also spends her time helping brands create authentic relationships with creators including influencers, affiliates, athletes, and bloggers so that they feel like a true part of that brand. “Many brands consider this their main marketing channel now, and it’s a huge priority being that they can really see the results if it’s done authentically,” Cortes said.

Cortes also shared how her time at CCI helped her.

“My experience in the MCS program helped me prepare for my current role by giving me the proper verbal, writing, and presentation skills I need to do my job to the best of my abilities,” Cortes said. “Whether it’s a conversation with an individual, writing an email, or presenting, I feel confident in my skills to complete my tasks.”

Recently, Cortes has been promoted to the role of Senior Market Development Representative. “I feel very fortunate that I’ve already been promoted to a senior position since starting at GRIN and am very excited to continue working hard, develop more skills, and continue growing professionally within GRIN,” she shared.

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