Powerful Posters: SCSD Research Rounds Mini-Conference

On Friday, April 12, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) and the School of Communication Science and Disorders hosted the 2019 SCSD Research Rounds Mini-Conference. This event invited students, faculty, staff, community clinicians, and SCSD alumni to submit poster presentations of projects, methods, or studies they have been a part of that made a difference for people with communication disorders. The goal of the event was to share exciting work, increase visibility for new ideas, and foster communication between peers and colleagues. 

The event was run by undergraduate student Brianna Coltellino and Dr. Shannon Hall-Mills, one of the co-advisors for NSSHLA. Coltellino, who had the chance to present her own research last semester, says, “It was so great to be able to hear some feedback from professionals in the field on how I can expand my research in the future.”

This year, she felt honored to have the chance to help put on the event. “Seeing the hard work of students from all levels of our CSD program here at Florida State come to life was incredible… Between all of the brilliant presentations that were put on, to all of the support from each person that attended the event, I’d say it was definitely a success,” she says.

At the event, the chosen participants were asked to be present at their poster station for a 1.5-hour time block. Here is a list of this year’s participants and their presentations:

Comprehensive Written Language Treatment for Aphasia: A Pilot Study

Malia Hart, Niiki Palenzuela, Dr. Elizabeth Madden

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Vocabulary Intervention

May McGee Derry, Dr. Shannon Hall-Mills, Dr. Richard Morris

Types & Functions of Gestures in Toddlers & Preschoolers with Down Syndrome

Lauren Strode, Kaylea Todd, Dr. Mollie Romano

Early Literacy Knowledge in Autism: Impacts of home Experiences

Brianna Coletllino, Julia Bitar, Brooke Hierholzer, Dr. Andrea Barton-Hulsey

Measuring Communication through Observational Coding Systems

Katrina Cripe, Kelly Windsor, Kayla Ramsey, Katie Lohr, Julianne Isabel, Dr. Mollie Romano, Dr. Juliann Woods

Facilitating Composing Skills & Oral Language through Emergent Writing Activities

Clariebelle Gabas, Cailin Gerety, Alexis Lehnert, Vicki Zilbergleyt, Falyn Marks, Valerie Nagri, Destiny Abrams, Christine Lopez

Relationship between Growth in Written Language & Standardized Measures

Caterina de Moya, Carrie Campbell, Merrie Grace Harding, Claire Seefried, Paige Wadsworth

Effectiveness of Voice Therapy for Muscle Tension Dysphonia: A Scoping Study

Mallory Meuser, Dr. Richard Morris, Dr. Shannon Hall-Mills, Dr. Michelle Therrien

Preschool Playtime: Communicative Turn Frequency and Type During Peer Interaction

Karly Johnson, Dr. Michelle Therrien, Kaylyn Evans, Abby Gist

Word Inconsistencies in School-Age Children With and Without SSDs

Andrew Goto, Dr. Toby Macrae

Testing Bilingual Children’s Spanish Vocabulary: Are All Items Created Equally?

Emma Meltzer, Rachel Hoge