Communication Faculty and Students will Present at the ICA Conference

This article was written by Kaitlyn Connell, a junior public relations student and School of Communication Director’s Ambassador.


This year, the International Communication Association (ICA) will hold its 72nd annual conference in Paris, France between May 26-30. Scholars can choose to participate either remotely or in-person due to COVID-19.

Several faculty and students from the school will be presenting their research. They are as follow:

Bailey, R., Merle, P., Kwon, K. Perceived Stress Increases Susceptibility to Visual Food Cues in Fast Food Menu Selection.

Clayton, R.B., Biangel, R., Delle, F., Deshmukh, S., Hechlik, E., Khan, T., Park, J., Rao, C., Sarmiento, H., & Sarra, E. (accepted). On the psychophysiological and defensive nature of psychological reactance theory.

Delle, F., Clayton, R.B., Lee, J., & Jackson, F.J. (accepted). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: Simultaneously examining the association between three social networking sites and relationship stress and satisfaction.

Lee, Sunah. #Women_Short Cut_Campaign: women’s hair, where embodied resistance begins.

Freytag, A., Possler, D., Spreen, N., Raney, A. A., & Klimmt, C. (2022, May). Explaining the rich entertainment appeal of nature documentaries and its (partially) pro-environmental consequences.

Possler, D., & Raney, A. A. (2022, May). Making sense and sense making: Extending dual-process models of entertainment to account for self-transcendent experiences.

Tham, S., Thorson, E., Clayton, R.B. (accepted). Avoiding Advertising in Traditional and Digital Media.

Thorson, E., Tunney, C., Kyrston, K., & Clayton, R.B. (accepted). An evaluative space explanation for how people cope with fear-inducing news.

Wang, T., Bailey, R., Nguyen, U. (accepted). Processing Peripheral Advertising: The Effect of Thematic Ad-Content Congruence and Arousing Content on Viewers’ Memory of Overlay Advertising.