Screening of student short films from the Fall 2013 Single Camera Production class

Student Short Films from the Fall 2013 Single Camera Production class
Thursday, December 12, 7:00 -9:00 pm
Ogelsby Union, Florida Room
Florida State University

RTV 3260, affectionately known as “Single Cam,” is an introductory course for Florida State University’s Media Production Major, offered in the College of Communication and Information. It is paired with RTV3263, or “Post-production,” where students got a chance to edit using Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Avid’s Media Composer.

Thirty-nine students from all over Florida and the world collaborated tirelessly for 16 weeks to produce a large amount of material: 39 documentaries, 39 PSAs and 8 final projects.

Some knew each other before the start of class, others made new friendships that are sure to last.  The bond built during long hours on set or location is strong.  The time panicking in the edit lab staring at the render bar wondering if it will fail (again) for no other reason than “unexplained error” brought people together.

When you see the trailers you will want to see more from these bright young creative minds.