Student documentaries to be shown Thursday evening, April 28

Spring semester 2011 documentaries from the Media Production program will be shown from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, April 28, in UCD 1101.

Here’s the lineup:

  • “150 Years Later” — This documentary captures what it’s like to be a civil war re-enactor and addresses the reasons why the South is so caught up in a war that happened 150 years ago. (By Matt Roush, Andrew Burgess, Jordan Ford & David Cross)
  • “Doing it Right” — Why imitate culture when you can create your own? A documentary that explores the DIY (Do it yourself) scene in Tallahassee. (By Sean Lewis, Doug Sitze & Kevin Neidorf)
  • “It’s Nice to Finally Meet You” — No words can describe this doc…. yet. (By Katherine Martinez, Alicia Belch, Jayce Hill, Sean Moten, Gaby Pariente, Taylor Maund, Alex Saunders & Courtney Holloway)
  • “Lucid” — From the director of “Ideology” comes a documentary that explores our inner most subconscious, delving deep into the mystery of lucid dreaming–the ability to control your dreams. (By Mike Dorfman, Kevin Patterson, Eric Schubert, Fendley Joseph & Dillan Haris)
  • “Shock Man: The Walter Hand Story” — Walter Hand: the man, the legend. He’s the guy who sells newspapers outside of the Publix on Ocala Road and he’s here to shock you. (By Tabby Syed, Michelle Kinn &, Jayce Hill)

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