Asst. Professor & Center for Hispanic Marketing Comm. Associate Director Chapa quoted by Miami Diario at FIU Conference

FSU School of Communication Assistant Professor & Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication Associate Director, Dr. Sindy Chapa, attended the “Hispanic Communication Conference: Bridging Culture and Behavior” hosted by Florida International University on Nov. 7-8 in Miami, Fla.  Chapa quoted in an article by the  Having conducted research on the U.S. Hispanic market, she stressed the importance of these consumers in society today.

The key to better communication, is having knowledge of the different cultures surrounding us.  Educating the youth in Spanish, can help with the future media.  With 10 years of teaching experience having taught marketing courses in the U.S., Mexico and Chile, Chapa explained, “We are a community with a different perspective, we are more given to being bicultural, and of course to promote the use of both languages, this ensures a better educated society.”  The U.S. Hispanic market has increased significantly throughout the years and our success communicating with these consumers will rely on how well we are able to understand them.

Article Summary By: Daniela Agurcia; Edited by: Natalie Kates

Sindy Speaking at Conference

Sindy Speaking at Conference close up

Sindy Speaking at Conference close-up

Sindy Chapa at FIU Conference