COMM professor Korzenny published by on minority trends in digital media

Dr. Felipe Korzenny
Dr. Felipe Korzenny

Florida State University School of Communication professor Felipe Korzenny’s article, “Multicultural Usage of Digital Media,” was published on the website on April 26.

Korzenny, who is also the director of the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, wrote about the Center’s findings of a survey conducted in 2013, which measured an individual’s time spent using different platforms of digital media. The results “generally confirm that emerging minorities continue to lead in the use of digital media.”

“The data confirms many of the trends we have observed over the past few years and also provides some interesting surprises,” Korzenny wrote.

Read the full column, which includes selected data, here:

The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at the FSU College of Communication & Information was founded by Korzenny in 2004. The Center is the first of its kind in the United States devoted to educating students and professionals in the field of Hispanic marketing and advertising. Faculty and students working with the Center are conducting ground-breaking research and serving as an innovative resource for the U.S. Hispanic marketing industry.

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