Header image for FSU’s Author Day honors CCI Faculty

FSU’s Author Day honors CCI Faculty

Each year, the Office of Faculty Recognition holds an Authors Day to recognize faculty members who have published books in the past year. From the College of Communication and Information, Davis Houck, Andy Opel, Art Raney, Melissa Gross, Shuyuan Mary Ho, Christie Koontz, Don Latham, Marcia Mardis and Lorri Mon will be honored at the event in the Westcott Building Lobby.


YA.Resources.TodayDon Latham and Melissa Gross

Young Adult Resources Today:  Connecting Teens with Books, Music, Games, Movies, and More.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate on a textbook designed to integrate a discussion of young adults’ information behavior with an exploration of the myriad resources available to today’s teens,”  said Don Latham. 

“This book was born from our love of young adult resources and our passionate belief that connecting young adults with these resources can make an important difference in their lives,” said Melissa Gross. 

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9781610695046Marcia Mardis

The Collection’s at the Core: Revitalize Your Library with Innovative Resources for the Common Core and STEM

“I am so pleased to have been able to bring together in this book three important trends in 21st century teaching and learning: common standards, STEM, and digital curation. This book is the first of its kind and I hope it’s useful for keeping school librarians at the center of the digital learning conversation.”


Christie KoontzChristie Koontz and Lorri Mon

Marketing and Social Media: A Guide for Libraries, Archives and Museums

“This book is a valuable guide to systematic marketing and social media management for nonprofits of all types.  The synergy which emanates from a customer-centered motive brings these two forces together successfully. Working with Dr. Mon on this was one of my most memorable professional experiences, and I hope practitioners and students featured in the text will accept our sincere appreciation as well,” said Christie Koontz.

“Our book addresses a need for an integrated approach to marketing and social media for libraries, archives and museums.  Social media and marketing are often managed as separate from each other when they should be working together.  At FSU’s iSchool, we’ve been teaching both marketing and social media management for years, our book brings these disciplines together to help organizations achieve their goals, outcomes and objectives,” said Lorri Mon.

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Shuyuan Book

Shuyuan Mary Ho

Cyber Insider Threat: Trustworthiness in Virtual Organizations

“Information convenience and information security are fundamentally two different user needs that contradict one another. It becomes vitally important to balance individual privacy with surveillance interests governed by corporate security policies. In these publications, I explore the fundamental trust issues within organizations, especially cyber organizations whose communication is supported by computer-mediated technologies. When trust is violated, fraud and deception can occur. The books further discuss the mechanisms of trustworthiness attribution in social activities of digital forums. It is critical for policy makers and cyber defenders to have a strategic understanding of interactions among people, technology, policy, and organizations – through the lens of trusted human computer interaction – in order to defend organizations from future cyber attacks.”

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oliver raney media and social life coverArthur Raney

Media and Social Life

“My co-editor (Dr. Mary Beth Oliver of Penn State University) and I are extremely pleased with the way the book turn out. Contributions from leading experts around the world helped us to develop a volume that captures well our current understanding of how media content and technologies influence our daily lives in countless ways,” said Art Raney. 

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davis houckDavis Houck

Rhetoric, Religion, and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1965, Volume 2  

“One of the ways that the Civil Rights Movement moved was through its inspiring oratory.  This volume, featuring 50 unpublished and largely forgotten addresses from movement leaders and activists, give testament to the profound power of the spoken word,” said Davis Houck. 

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weirs-book-cover-4promo-sAndy Opel

The Weirs, A Winnipesaukee Adventure

Lake Winnipesaukee is a vacation destination where extended families gather. Join Jack, Franny, and J.J. as they go on a boating adventure with Grammy and experience the timeless magic of boating at night.

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