COMM Professor Korzenny discusses the importance of U.S. Hispanics in NPR interview

Dr. Felipe Korzenny
Dr. Felipe Korzenny

Dr. Felipe Korzenny, professor in the Florida State University (FSU) School of Communication and director of the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, was interviewed in a story by NPR’s Here & Now Contributor’s Network, KUT, over a smart phone app that translates an English-language film about civil rights activist César Chávez.  The app, called myLINGO, partnered with film producers and distributors to translate the film from English to Spanish by using a microphone on the smartphone to synchronize the language track to play at the same time.

The story featured sound bites from the Chávez movie, and later reporter for KUT in Austin, Veronica Zaragovia, provided insights from both co-founder of the app, Olenka Polak and Korzenny about the importance of myLINGO for the film.  The smartphone app is specifically catering to U.S. Hispanics who make up about 17 percent of the U.S. population.

Korzenny comments on the contribution that Hispanics and their families have in movie ticket sales in the U.S., “It’s a social family event that is very ingrained in the culture.”

He also speaks about the importance of translating a film, such as this one featuring powerful activist Chávez, “If you think about many of the new immigrants to the U.S. and those of a younger generation that may be Spanish-dominant, for them, understanding the story of Cesar Chávez can be very crucial as an educational tool.

Listen to the full NPR Here & Now story featuring quotes from Korzenny’s interview or read the transcript from March 28, 2014 at:
App Translates César Chávez Biopic In Real Time


Center for HMC LogoThe Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at the FSU College of Communication & Information was founded by Korzenny in 2004.  This Center is the first of its kind in the United States devoted to educating students and professionals in the field of Hispanic marketing and advertising.  Faculty and students working with the Center are conducting ground-breaking research and serving as an innovative resource for the U.S. Hispanic marketing industry.


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