Korzenny quoted in Marketplace Business about how companies are profiting from the U.S. Hispanic market

Dr. Felipe Korzenny
Dr. Felipe Korzenny

Dr. Felipe Korzenny, professor in the Florida State University (FSU) School of Communication and director of the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, was interviewed and quoted in an article by Marketplace Business about critical adjustments retailers and businesses are making in their advertisements to appeal more to U.S. Hispanic audiences.

Korzenny, along with other Hispanic marketing experts believe that the correct, “simple translation” of the Spanish language in advertisements is not enough for an effective campaign, and could potentially lead to a campaigns downfall.  In fact, in the article he remarks, “these days, actually, the cultural insights are more important than the language.”

The increase of U.S.-born Hispanics has exceeded the amount of immigrants in the last decade.  Some retailers have adjusted to this change by creating campaigns in English and Spanish in order to reach a broader Hispanic audience.  Now more than ever, companies are switching over to this “bicultural” and “bilingual” approach.

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