Three CCI faculty members awarded 2013 First Year Assistant Professor Grants

School of Communication & Science Disorders faculty member, Dr. Kaitlin Lansford, and two School of Library & Information Studies faculty members, Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho and Dr. Richard Urban, have each been awarded First Year Assistant Professor (FYAP) Grants for 2013.

Here are some of their research project topics and links to abstract summaries:

The FSU Council on Research and Creativity offers several grant programs to support the development of research and creative activity endeavors by FSU faculty members.  These programs are made possible by FSU research-generated funding.  The Council’s assists and also encourages faculty members to seek additional or continued funding for their endeavors from external sources.

Their competitive FYAP program annually provides $20,000 maximum in support to first year assistant professors for summer salary support to facilitate research and creative activity.  The program’s purpose is to provide beginning faculty members an opportunity to devote significant time and effort, during their first summer at FSU, to the research and creative activities of their academic careers, including efforts to obtain external funding for their work.

Dr. Kaitlin Lansford Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho Dr. Richard Urban