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Alejandra GuacanameA report written by Alejandra Guacaneme, a master’s student at the Florida State University (FSU) School of Communication, was published on  The topic covers ‘Branding Opportunities in the Baby Care Industry with Hispanic Moms’. is a platform for Hispanic Marketers to exchange ideas about the challenges in marketing to U.S. Hispanic Consumers regardless of cultural and linguistic preferences.

This report was published on January 16, 2013 and is available at:

Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication LogoWhile Guacaneme completes her graduate studies, she is also assisting the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication.  This Center is the first of its kind in the United States devoted to educating students and professionals in the field of Hispanic marketing and advertising.  Faculty and students working with the Center are conducting ground-breaking research and serving as an innovative resource for the U.S. Hispanic marketing industry.