Meet the iSchool at ASIS&T 2014

Are you attending ASIS&T 2014?   Join us October 31-November 5 in Seattle, Washington for the 77th  ASIS&T Annual Meeting – Connecting Collections, Cultures, and Communities.  Here’s where you can find  FSU iSchool faculty, staff, students and alumni at ASIS&T!


SUNDAY, November 2


3:30pm-5pm Youth I (Panel) Youth Beyond Borders: Methodological Challenges in Youth Information  Interaction – Mega Subramaniam (alumna)


 MONDAY, November 3


1:30-3:00 Health Informatics (Papers) A Better Place? Factors in Community Assessment for  Parents of Children with Down Syndrome – Amelia N. Gibson (alumna)


1:30-3:00 Connections (Panel) Boundary Objects in Information Science Research:  An Approach  for Explicating Connections Between Collections, Cultures and Communities

(SIG/CR, SIG/SI, SIG/USE) – Adam Worrall (alumni)


1:30-3:00 Open Access (Panel) Open Access:  The Global Scene (SIG/III) – Sam Hastings (alumna)


3:30-5pm Data (Panel) Transforming the Data Landscape:  Connecting Data, Policies and  Communities – Lisa Zilinski (alumna)


6:30pm  Presidents Reception featuring posters —


poster #12:   Peer Relationships and Information Sharing Between LIS Doctoral Students.  Jongwook Lee (doctoral student), Amelia Anderson (doctoral student) and Gary Burnett (faculty)


poster #17:  Data Curation Practices in Institutional Repositories: An Exploratory Study. Dong Joon  Lee (doctoral student) and Besiki Stvilia (faculty)


poster #39 – Thinking Critically About Data Consumption: Creating the Data Credibility Matrix. Lisa  Zilinski (alumna)


poster #44: Connecting Collections and Cultures by Creating a Community of Children’s Librarians  Around Early Literacy Storytimes.  – Janet Capps (alumna); and Kathleen Burnett (faculty)


poster #46: Analyzing Chinese-English Mixed Language Queries in a Web Search Engine. Hengyi  Fu (doctoral student) and Shuheng Wu (doctoral student)


poster #47: How Do College Students Choose Mobile Health/Wellness Applications? Wonchan  Choi (doctoral student) and  Besiki Stvilia (faculty)


poster #50: LAM at Universities: Convergence in Graduate Education. Laura-Edythe S. Coleman  (doctoral student), Richard J. Urban (faculty), Paul F. Marty (faculty) and Kathy Braun, all of Florida  State University


poster #73: Information Value Across Cultures and Communities. Gary Burnett (faculty), Jonathan  Hollister (doctoral student), , Jisue Lee (doctoral student), and Julia Skinner(doctoral student)


poster #101 We Didn’t Know What It Was Going to Be until We Built It: Exploring Processes of  Collaboration Across Disciplinary Boundaries. Nicole D. Alemanne (doctoral student)


TUESDAY, November 4


8:30-10:00  LAM (Panel)

Libraries, Archives and Museums:  Connecting Educational Cultures and Communities

Richard J. Urban (faculty) , Laura-Edythe Coleman (doctoral student), Paul F. Marty (faculty)


Privacy (Panel) Understanding Networked Youth and Online Privacy:  Questions, Methods and  Implications (SIG/USE) –  Mega Subramaniam (alumna)