SCSD helps young boy donate money to buy hearing aids for a deaf child

SCOD Staff Member with Rev. Bill Peterson
Staff member at FSU Audiology Dept. and Rev. Bill Petersen, Seth's grandfather with can on money donated towards purchasing hearing aids. / Special to the Chronicle /

An article by shares a heart-warming story about a young eight year-old boy, Seth Peterson, who decided to donate money towards hearing aids for a deaf child instead of receiving an ipod for Christmas.  It also mentions how the FSU School of Communication Science and Disorders (SCSD) helped make his wish a reality after the Petersen family contacted Dr. Catherine Johnson of SCSD’s Audiology Department to purchase hearing aids for children in need.

On. Jan. 22, Johnson and some of her staff met with Seth, his parents and grandparents.  She shared information about hearing disorders and provided a tour of the newly renovated audiology facility at the Warren building. Seth left the money he had been saving for over two years with SCSD.  The staff will ensure that his donation is used to help purchase hearing aids for a child in need of them.

The article was published on Feb. 8, 2013.  Read the full story with CCI accolade online at: