FPRA Student Capital Chapter Takes Networking Trip to Boston

This article was written by Kaitlyn Connell, Director’s Ambassador for the School of Communication. 

In April, seven students from the School of Communication traveled to Boston for a networking trip with the Florida Public Relations Association’s (FPRA) Student Capital Chapter. Each semester, the student-led chapter visits a different city to give students the opportunity to network and connect with a diverse selection of the nation’s most prominent public relations firms. These trips are designed to provide students with networking experience and the ability to gain insight into the fast-paced career of PR.

This student organization is governed by nine board members, each playing an important role in the success of each trip, from coordinating with the various firms to collecting student attendance fees. Anna Gutfreund, a public relations student and the chapter’s former treasurer, was recently selected as the new vice president of the organization. Anna attended the trip to Boston and said the trip was extremely beneficial to her knowledge as a student and as a future PR pro.


“I learned that there is a lot I can do as an undergraduate to prepare myself for the future,” said Gutfreund. “It is important to begin building and maintaining genuine relationships and collaborating with your peers because you never know how you can impact each other throughout your undergraduate career and into post-graduate life.”

For students in PR, networking plays an important role in developing a future career path. These networking trips give students an opportunity to meet experienced PR professionals and build relationships that can evolve into future internships and jobs.

“From what I’ve learned in my classes, PR is truly based on relationships and reputation,” said Gutfreund. “Networking as a PR student gives me an opportunity to meet new people who have been in the same position I’m in now, and learn from them. Having the opportunity to speak candidly, like we did on our trip to Boston, allows the professionals to give us individualized advice, which I found so valuable.”