IT Leadership Students Lend a Hand

Students in our IT program get a lot of hand-on experience working with the hardware and software that compose modern IT operations, but what about the most important component of an organization? People skills are paramount to providing successful IT services, and even more important when working on a team or managing a product.

For those students looking to build on these skills within the College of Communication and Information, Assistant Dean Ebe Randeree’s IT Leadership course is worth looking into. The class hosts multiple practical team activities and projects each semester that put students in real world scenarios to solve IT problems.

This semester, one of the team projects includes a Senior Outreach initiative. The primary goal for this team of students is to provide technical support to the Allegro Senior Center and teach the elderly how to troubleshoot technology issues.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 4.45.48 PM

Allegro has put the team to work, and the students are getting more requests from clients every Saturday. Some common issues the students help with include internet connectivity, printer issues, social media, email accounts, online banking , and even cell phone repairs.

Overall, the Senior Outreach team is doing great work this semester. IT Leadership class is a great way to get community service hours while brushing up on IT services and helping people in the Tallahassee community!