School of Communication hosts “Communication in London” summer program

Senior Shelby Martin visits Buckingham Palace.
Senior Shelby Martin visits Buckingham Palace in London.

Florida State University School of Communication students recently completed the “Communication in London” summer program, a unique opportunity to study communication and public speaking in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe.

The six-week program ran from May 8 to June 16 with faculty members Mark Zeigler and Misha Laurents leading the group of eight students.

Classroom lectures and presentations were augmented with excursions to various sites in London, one of the world’s most cutting edge centers for methods of communication.

“Going into this trip, friends who had done it before told me it would change my life,” Shelby Martin, a senior in media and communication studies, said. “I took that statement as a grain of salt because I did not understand how a six-week trip could change my life. Now, as my trip is coming to an end, I can completely stand behind that statement.”

Sophie Meridien sightseeing in London.
Senior Sophie Meridien sightseeing in London.

“The Communication in London program has been a life changing experience,” Sophie Meridien, a senior double major in media and communication studies and English, said. “In six weeks, we were fully immersed in London culture while learning critically in ways that connected with our environment. There was rarely a day where we were being lectured at in a classroom.

“At sites like the Highgate Cemetery and the National Gallery, we explored the city and attended hands-on lessons that encouraged participation. Misha and Mark were fantastic, supportive instructors that really helped me feel connected to London.”

Through the program, students toured the new BBC central London studios and the National Theatre, enjoyed number plays, including The Book of Mormon where they attended a lecture given by Gavin Creel, Olivier Award winner, and current west end star of show, spent a weekend in Bath and visited countless museums.  Students also traveled independently to cities throughout Europe.

“This trip has taught me so much about British culture, how to live independently in a different country, how to navigate a large city and it has helped me learn more about myself,” Martin said. “We did most of our classes out and about in the city instead of the classroom and this was very effective for me.”

“The program helped me grow as a student and become a more independent person,” Meridien said. “It was the perfect way to end my undergraduate career and I would do it all over again if I could!”

In addition to Martin and Meridien, undergraduates Lauren Jeffrey, Montana Byrd, Ryan Farmer,  Mollie Goldstein, Mary Alice Skidmore and Breanna Amborn also participated in the program.

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