SGA Gains New CCI Representatives

Kayla Tran

Two College of Communication and Information (CCI) students were recently elected to be representatives for the College on the Student Government Association (SGA). The new CCI representatives are Kayla Tran, a Media Communication Studies student (MCS), and Brooke Kubiak, a Communication Science and Disorders (CSD) student. 

Their new positions include weekly senate chamber meetings in which senators propose, approve, or deny the transfer or allocation of funding packages for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and agencies. In addition to these responsibilities, Tran also serves on the Finance Committee, allocating over 95,000 dollars to various student organizations. 

Brooke Kubiak

When asked what steps each student took to attain this position, Tran spoke about her connection with ForwardFSU, her role as Treasurer of the CCI Student Leadership Council, and Ebe Randeree’s Information Technology Leadership class (LIS 4480). “Without building my network through these involvements and others on campus, I may have never been presented with this opportunity.” Kubiak said joining the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association aided her in this process, “I knew I wanted to get involved in leadership positions that I was passionate about and make tangible change.”

Tran attributes much of her confidence to CCI, “Being a Communication major and learning about the power of social media, I truly believe I can utilize this knowledge to grow awareness of CCI resources and opportunities.” 

Kubiak’s advice to fellow CCI students is to “find a way to get involved to make a difference on campus and beyond!” Both student leaders are eager to represent the College and connect their CCI peers with the resources they need.