Technology Internship

This internship position is responsible for performing routine help desk tasks under the supervision of the IT Operations Manager at the College of Law. Duties include installing, maintaining, troubleshooting or modifying computer hardware, multimedia equipment, and related devices; installing and customizing application software; training users on basic computer functions, software, or multimedia equipment to facilitate and enhance their work experience; coordinating support tickets and resources as necessary to resolve customer issues; and following up with customers to ensure that inquiries are resolved within a suitable time frame. This position requires the ability to work in an academic environment and communicate effectively with students, faculty and staff who may not have a strong computing background. Dress and conduct must be neat and professional. Excellent communication and customer services skills are essential. No technical experience necessary.



The College of Law Summer Internship is intended for FSU students majoring in a technical field.


Hiring Manager Information

Rachael Larsen, IT Operations Manager



$10 an hour. Biweekly



29 hours a week or less


Criminal Background Check

This internship requires successful completion of a criminal history background check.


How to Apply

If interested, please email your resume to the hiring manager listed above.