Federal Documents Librarian @ The State Library of Florida

This position is within the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services, State Library of Florida requiring an enthusiasm for customer service and a love of history.

Duties and Responsibilities:
This is professional work within the Division of Library and Information Services responsible for, including but not limited to, the following duties:

Plans, directs and schedules activities of the Reference Unit.  Plans and implements workloads, workflows, work objectives and time utilization of reference unit employees.  Participates in proposal, development and implementation of policies and practices for the reference unit.  Generates reports and statistical data for management decision making.
Provides complex reference and research services as requested by state agency personnel and the general public by phone, letter, interlibrary loan, electronic means and in person. Conducts comprehensive research. Assists users in research, directing their use of multiple sources and collections. Utilizes materials in all formats from all collections. Keeps appropriate statistics regarding usage of collection.
Responsible for maintenance of the Federal Documents Collection.  Directs assigned staff in processing documents.  Responsible for adding information to the catalog, and for claiming, weeding and binding of the collection.  Responsible for reports, surveys and correspondence with the Government Printing Office.  Serves as the State Data Center Coordinator for the U. S. Census.
Promotes the library and services through presentations, webinars, tours and other types of targeted communication and participates in area federal depository activities.
Performs other related duties as required.