COMM Alumnus debuts on-campus food delivery system, Renegade Runner at Florida State University

bryantLast October, The College of Communication & Information spoke with Bryant Joseph, recent Communications, Media Production and Business alum about his development of Stadium Runner, a concession delivery system for Florida State University athletic events. Last month, the CEO of Stadium Runner launched a new initiative with CTO and Co-Founder Connor GradyRenegade Runner, and has big news about the way we eat at Florida State. Joseph reflects on the concept of Stadium Runner and how it has influenced the new application.

Renegade Runner, an affiliate of Stadium Runner, accomplishes what?

Renegade Runner is an on-campus food delivery system that sells from vendors on campus. It is a partnership with Seminole Dining and is an exclusive brand to Florida State University. Seminole Dining had a desire to establish on-campus delivery of its vendors and brought their needs to the attention of Connor and I after the creation of Stadium Runner. We are the system that’s powering Renegade Runner and Seminole Dining is the provider of food service and delivery. We are the technology in the process and when Renegade Runner succeeds, we succeed, too.

What are the stages of the delivery process with Renegade Runner?

We offer two methods of placing an order. Our Renegade Runner application is available for Apple and Android users. We also have a website,, which is supported on mobile and stationary devices. Tap or click “Order Now” and choose where you are from over 125 locations on campus–including parking garages. Select your restaurant, choose your food, provide your name, phone number and special instructions, then fill in your credit card information and submit your order with our bank-level encryption. Prices are all-inclusive, with no tips necessary. Delivery time is reasonable due to the close proximity of the restaurants to campus buildings. Orders are disbursed via zero-emission, electric golf carts. Customers receive a call when their order arrives.

What on-campus restaurants offer Renegade Runner services?

Currently, our services are offered at Rising Roll, Denny’s and Papa John’s. We are actively interested in expanding our services to include other restaurants on campus. We currently offer 41 menu items between the three deliverable restaurants.

10659162_759040330845851_5406051300280382686_nWhat are the hours of operation for Renegade Runner?

Weekdays from 11a.m. – 7p.m. There has been discussion about exploring late night delivery possibilities, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

How does Renegade Runner rank against the competition?

BITE, a recent late-night delivery service, offers popular comfort foods. They operate 7 days a week and focus on late night. Doorstep Delivery also offers a variety of off-campus restaurant options, but with an expensive delivery minimum. Renegade Runner offers affordable lunch and dinner prices without a hefty delivery minimum, allowing for customers to purchase a meal without overcompensating. There’s also no tipping required.

What is Stadium Runner?

Stadium Runner is a mobile application service that lets people order concessions and have them delivered right to their seat. We developed a logistical food delivery system in the sports environment.

What was the inspiration behind Stadium Runner?

Stadium Runner was an idea that our local partners, JT Burnette, Kim Rivers, and Vincent Hunt had for the concessions environment. I met the investors at the InNOLEvation Challenge. We collaborated with the restaurant-technology idea and decided to join forces with the creation of Stadium Runner.

When did you first think of this concept? Were you in Doak Campbell Stadium when this idea struck you?

Actually, one of our partners, Vincent, had the original concept of concession delivery and had an epiphany while attending a sports game. We first spoke with our investors in May 2013.

When was your application fir15280_551535124977248_119446119406459602_nst put to the test? What emotions were you feeling?

Our application was first launched at a Spring 2014 Florida State University baseball game. It was a simple test because Dick Hoswer Stadium houses fewer fans than Doak Campbell Stadium, and is easier to navigate around the seating areas. Football was a bigger test of our service.

Let’s talk statistics. Last Fall 2014, how many home games was Stadium Runner in service? How many orders were served?

Stadium Runner made its debut at Wake Forest v. FSU on October 3, 2014. Stadium Runner was in operation for 5 games in the 2014 football season. We served 30 to 60 orders per game. We discovered a lot of challenges and experienced an entrepreneurial “pivot”—we had this idea, it didn’t work like we thought it would—and now we need to think of other opportunities for the service. Despite a modest turnout of orders for a venue that holds up to 80,000 fans, we are not “closing the door” on Stadium Runner.

How did you grow your team of co-workers? Are they pals from college, old friends from back home, or strangers turned family?

Our Chief Technology Officer, Connor Grady, and I were two of the founding members that partnered with our investors/Co-Founders. Over the past year and a half, we worked with a variety of contractors, comprised of past and present FSU students and Tallahassee locals. We hired designers and programmers to assist with the Stadium Runner application. The contributions made by our contractors were immensely valuable.

Five years from now, what do you expect your clientele to be like?

Right now we are interested in looking at all of the potential and interesting applications for the system we’ve built, and exploring whatever options prove to be the most beneficial for both the venue proprietor and the customer.  

Internships are available for assistance in Renegade Runner’s communication efforts. Interns are responsible for creating content marketing plans for social media and for spreading the word face to face. Email your cover letter and résumé to Bryant Joseph at