Meet CCI’s New Faculty

Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information welcomed its biggest group of new faculty members this Fall. From aural rehabilitation, media psychology, rhetoric and argumentation to cloud computing and video gaming, our faculty’s areas of research and rich educational and employment backgrounds give them unique skill sets to prepare students for their futures. We are incredibly fortunate to have them.

Separated by school, read about each of the new faculty members below.


Rachel Bailey

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. Indiana University 2014, M.A. Strategic Communication Missouri School of Journalism 2008, BA Psychology University of Missouri Columbia 2007, BJ Strategic Communication University of Missouri Columbia 2007

Employment prior to FSU: Washington State University, Assistant Professor 2014-2018 Media Science Labs, Researcher 2009

Areas of Research: biological communication motivated cognition emotion and information processing media psychology

Areas of Teaching: Advertising, Media Psychology, General Communication

Classes teaching this Fall: Account Planning Creative Strategy I

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

great collaborations, excellent students, building a career

What other career would you choose to do?

I think I’d run a flower shop or a garden nursery… something calming with plants.


Katherine Dale

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. The Ohio State University, M.A. Georgetown University, B.A. Georgetown College

Employment prior to FSU: Postdoctoral scholar at FSU Graduate Assistant at The Ohio State University

Areas of Research: Positive media psychology, media effects, intergroup interaction, social media

Areas of Teaching: Content analysis, positive media psychology, social media campaigns, research methods

Classes teaching this Fall: Social Media Campaigns Content Analysis

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am looking forward to continuing to work with the incredible students, faculty, and staff in the School of Communication.

What other career would you choose to do?

I would probably work in the summer camp industry as a program director.


Arienne Ferchaud

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. from Penn State in Mass Communications, M.A. from Penn State in Media Studies, B.A. from LSU in Mass Communication (advertising concentration)

Employment prior to FSU:

Areas of Research: Media effects New media entertainment Narrative Theory

Areas of Teaching: Social Media Mass Media Industries Media Effects

Classes teaching this Fall: MMC 2000-Intro to the Mass Media COM 4561-Social Media Campaigns

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I’m looking forward to getting to know my colleagues and students, and working with brilliant people.

What other career would you choose to do?

Writing novels (it’s gonna happen one day)!!


Chanta Haywood

Teaching Faculty I

Education: University of California – San Diego, Ph.D.

Employment prior to FSU: I consider myself a “re-newed” FSU faculty member, as my first job out of my doctoral program at UCSD in 1995 was here in the English Department.  Prior to making my way full circle back here to my first love of teaching, I have held several administrative jobs ranging from graduate dean, vice provost for research, vice provost for academic affairs, and VP for Advancement. Just prior to coming here, I oversaw strategic initiatives for the office of the President at Fort Valley State University.

Areas of Research: Cross-disciplinary research approaches and strategies to solving complex problems; teaching undergraduate and graduate students how to think, conduct research, and write beyond the box.

Areas of Teaching: Persuasive Writing

Classes teaching this Fall: I am teaching Writing to Persuade and Writing for the Media.

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am looking forward to helping students write better by honing their critical thinking skills.  I am also looking forward to resuming research on The 19th Black Religious Press.

What other career would you choose to do?

I would own a big, old home in the historic district of town where I would have academic and creative enrichment camps and activities for area youth year ‘round.


Avery Henry

Teaching Faculty I

Education: Wayne State University, Ph.D.

Employment prior to FSU:  Southeast Missouri State University

Areas of Research: Argumentation and rhetoric

Areas of Teaching: Argumentation, Composition, and Rhetoric

Classes teaching this Fall: I am teaching Writing Media Criticism and coaching the debate and individual events speech team.

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am really enjoying working with the great students both in the classroom as well as in the competitive arena of speech and debate.

What other career would you choose to do?

I would of loved to be a professional basketball player but since I lack talent, I would probably have enjoyed being a sports reporter.



Andrea Barton-Hulsey

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., Developmental Psychology; Georgia State University M.A., Speech-Language Pathology; University of Kansas B.A., Speech: Communication Across the Lifespan; Georgia State University

Employment prior to FSU: Postdoctoral Trainee (NIH T32) in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Research: My program of research is focused on how children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, inclusive of children with limited speech ability, develop linguistic knowledge for reading. Particularly, my work is focused on understanding the intrinsic relationship between speech ability and component reading skills of phonological awareness, vocabulary knowledge, and letter and letter-sound knowledge while accounting for the extrinsic factors of access to home and school instruction in reading. My work aims to understand relationships between these intrinsic and extrinsic factors to inform the development of reading interventions for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities that are inclusive of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.

Areas of Teaching: Typical and Atypical Language Development Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Classes teaching this Fall: SPA 4004, Language Development SPA 5559, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am very excited to grow my program of research at FSU. I am very passionate about the work I have done, and plan to do with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I look forward to continuing to understand linguistic processes involved in reading development, and advance the science regarding interventions that positively contribute to the development of language and reading skills in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Christopher Constantino

Assistant Professor

Education: Binghamton University (SUNY) – BS Mechanical Engineering University of Pittsburgh – MS Communication Sciences & Disorders University of Memphis – PhD Communication Sciences & Disorders

Employment prior to FSU: Shelby County Schools: speech-language pathologist

Areas of Research: measuring, improving, and finding joy in the subjective experience of communication disorders

Areas of Teaching: stuttering and counseling

Classes teaching this Fall: counseling

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

meeting students and teaching, collaborating with faculty and getting my research up and running, and riding my bike around Tallahassee

What other career would you choose to do?

paleontologist – I love dinosaurs


Kimberlee Crass

Specialized Faculty

Education: University of South Carolina – PhD, University of South Carolina – MSP

Employment prior to FSU: University of Florida – Assistant Clinical Professor University of Arkansas for Medical Science – Clinical Assistant Professor

Areas of Research: Aural (re)habilitation, Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) development in children who are deaf or hard of hearing, speech perception, cochlear implants

Areas of Teaching: aural rehabilitation, acoustics, audiology, anatomy and physiology, clinical methods, introduction to communication disorders

Classes teaching this Fall: aural rehabilitation, anatomy and physiology, and introduction to communication disorders

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

Collaborating with the incredible faculty in the College of Communication Sciences and Disorders and teaching and mentoring our amazing students!!

What other career would you choose to do?

I would definitely be a cast member at Disney World!!!


Kelly Farquharson

Associate Professor

Education: I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh (2003), Master’s degree from Penn State University (2005) and a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2012). All three degrees are in communication sciences and disorders

Employment prior to FSU: I was an assistant professor at Emerson College in Boston, MA and the director of the Children’s Literacy and Speech Sound (CLaSS) Lab.

Areas of Research: I use behavioral and observational learning paradigms to study school-aged children with varying levels of language use or understanding and how they are able to learn within an educational setting in order to improve early identification and treatment of developmental or acquired language disorders and reduce risk of reading disabilities.

Areas of Teaching: speech and language development and disorders, literacy development and disorders

Classes teaching this Fall: SPA 5462 Developmental Communication Disorders: School-Age Issues

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I’m looking forward to opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in my department as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations. And, of course, learning the ins and outs of rooting for the Seminoles!

What other career would you choose to do?

My in-laws own a wine and cigar bar in Key West – so I would work there!


Shannon Hall-Mills

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., Communication Science & Disorders (FSU) M.S., Communication Disorders (FSU) B.S., Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (FSU)

Employment prior to FSU: 2012-2018 Assistant In CSD (FSU); non-tenure track 2011-2012 Visiting Assistant Professor, SCSD FSU 2008-2011 State-level Speech-Language Pathology Program Specialist for Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services 2009-2011 Adjunct Instructor, FSU SCSD 2008 Speech-Language Pathologist, Dick Howser Center, Tallahassee, FL 2005-2009 Language & Literacy Leadership Training Grant Fellow, FSU, SCSD 2001-2005 Speech-Language Pathologist and Language Diagnostician, Volusia County Schools, FL

Areas of Research: Child and Adolescent Language and Literacy Development and Disorders Written Language Disorders Practice Patterns and Evidence-Based Practices in School-based Speech-Language Services Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in CSD

Areas of Teaching: Child Language Development and Language Disorders Introduction to CSD School-Based Practicum Supervised Doctoral Research

Classes teaching this Fall: Graduate School Practicum

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

Advancing the science of our field while ushering through the next generation of clinicians ready to implement effective therapeutic and diagnostic practices with their clients.

What other career would you choose to do?

Animal Rescue (mammals only; no reptiles) Wine Sommelier/Travel Guide


Mollie Romano

Assistant Professor

Education: B.S. Internal Affairs and Literature, Florida State University, 2004 M.S. Communication Science and Disorders, Florida State University, 2009 Ph.D., Communication Science and Disorders, Florida State University, 2012

Employment prior to FSU: Communication and Early Childhood Research and Practice Center, Florida State University

Areas of Research: Family-guided interventions to support infants and toddlers with special needs, early interventions to support infants and toddlers from high poverty backgrounds, professional development approaches to support early interventionists

Areas of Teaching: Normal Communication Development Clinical Phonetics Seminar family-centered services Infant, Toddler, and Preschoolers (I hope!)

Classes teaching this Fall: None this fall.

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am so excited to work with the faculty in the School to develop new collaborations and areas or research!

What other career would you choose to do?

I would be a marine biologist that dolphin communication (travel, sunshine, wildlife, AND communication)!



Jung Hoon Baeg

Teaching Faculty I

Education: Ph.D. in Information Studies School of Information, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida M.S. Library and Information Studies, FSU

Employment prior to FSU: Been FSU too long.

Areas of Research: • Health data analytics • eHealth and health informatics • Online health information seeking behavior and health literacy • Use of technology in health environments • STEM education

Areas of Teaching: Undergraduate Information Technology (IT) classes

Classes teaching this Fall: LIS4380 Social Media Management LIS4910 Information Technology (IT) Project

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

I am looking for a role that provides the opportunity for personal growth, but also to help the students grow and succeed. I am eager to take on a leadership role and assume more responsibility to improve the FSU community.

What other career would you choose to do?

Maybe working with IOC (International Olympic Committee)


Yubo Kou

Assistant Professor

Education: PhD degree in informatics from the University of California, Irvine in 2016 MS in computer science from Renmin University of China in 2010 BA in linguistics from Peking University in 2007

Employment prior to FSU: postdoctoral researcher at Purdue University (2016 – 2018)

Areas of Research: computer-supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, video game

Areas of Teaching: information technology

Classes teaching this Fall: LIS 3201 Research and Data Analysis in Information Technology

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

Friendly and supportive atmosphere for research and teaching, awesome colleagues to work with, fun students to teach and learn from, and the lovely subtropical climate.

What other career would you choose to do?

a pro gamer!


Diogo Oliveira

Assistant Professor

Education: – PhD in Electrical Engineering – MS in Computer Engineering

Employment prior to FSU: – University of South Florida: research and teaching assistant – Federal University of Goias: network analyst – SENAC College: associate professor – SENAI College: associate professor

Areas of Research: cybersecurity, cloud computing, optimization, network performance, network management

Areas of Teaching: database, networking, cybersecurity, programming, information security

Classes teaching this Fall: Database Concepts

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

– supervise students – interact with faculty and publish papers – expand my research topics

What other career would you choose to do?

Network Analyst


Lucas von Hollen

Teaching Faculty I

Education: Bachelor in Theatre, Bachelor in IT, Masters in IT. Undergrad classes were taken between FSU and UF. Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture from FSU. Masters certification in Leadership also from FSU.

Employment prior to FSU: BJ’s Party House (Street performer) Technology Grows (Technical Trainer) Dietz Consulting (Videographer) Klown Kapers (Clown) TechWise (Curriculum Designer) I/O Avenue (Technical Instructor) Covalent (Interaction Designer) Museum of Florida History (Game Designer) Syntech System (Software Engineering intern) Sitebolts (Web developer) FSU (Techno Wizard)

Areas of Research: Learning & Cognition, Game Design, User interaction, Adult learning, Train the trainer.

Areas of Teaching: Technology, Project management, Technical writing, User design, Entertainment interaction.

Classes teaching this Fall: LIS4910 – Information Technology Project, 3 Sections (MWF). LIS3353 – Information Technologies, 1 Section (TR).

What are you looking forward to at FSU?

Doing more fantastic science, of course!

What other career would you choose to do?

I’ve actually gotten to hop around in real careers outside of academia, and have to say after being a street performer, web developer, videographer, voice actor, game designer, and literal clown, that I’m pretty happy staying in education.