SCSD Professor Speaks About FCRR Partnership with Leon County Schools

Dr. Lakeisha Johnson, along with Drs. Nicole Patton Terry and Jenny Root, recently spoke at a school board meeting about the partnership between the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) and Leon County Schools (LCS), and how this partnership, called Read Up, is charting new territory in the Tallahassee community.

Dr. Lakeisha Johnson (middle) with Dr. Jenny Root (left) and Dr. Nicole Patton Terry (right).

Johnson, who serves as the director of The Village (FCRR’s division for community engagement and outreach), works to leverage the expertise of faculty and researchers by bringing it to community partners such as the school district, the public library, WFSU, and many others who are committed to improving literacy outcomes in the local community. This partnership, which began in 2020, aims to improve reading achievement and student success.

“Under the phenomenal leadership of Dr. Nicole Patton Terry, we have worked with LCS to identify their biggest needs in three areas: reading, early learning, and special education,” said Johnson. “We are providing professional development, evidence-based resources, and designing studies to target their areas of interest. Long-term, we’d like to see more children reading at grade level, while also equipping school leaders and educators with the evidence-based resources to ensure this happens.”

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