CCI Students to be Inducted in Largest Garnet & Gold Scholar Society Class

Photo in graphic provided by FSU Photography

On the evening of April 25, 2019, the largest class of 313 students will be inducted into FSU’s Garnet and Gold Scholar Society. Over ten percent of these future inductees are students from the College of Communication and Information.

The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society is a prestigious designation undergraduate students can earn upon graduating. These students submit a synthesis reflection project before graduating in order to be inducted, reflecting on their experience in three of five engagement areas: international experience, internship, leadership, research, and service.

A ceremony will be held on April 25 in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall to induct students into this prestigious group. Congratulations to all 34 CCI students!

School of Communication

Kaitlyn Bludau, Advertising

Emily Holt, Advertising

Cassie Nicolace, Advertising

Sarit Sandler, Digital Media Production

Katie Bernstine, Media/Communication Studies

Kadasha Eliacin, Media/Communication Studies

Mary Ann Montague, Media/Communication Studies

Maegan Stepp, Media/Communication Studies

Karen Duarte, Media/Communication Studies

Princess Gafaru, Media/Communication Studies

Allyson Corlett, Public Relations

Bethany Martin, Public Relations

Morgan Payne, Public Relations

School of Communication Science and Disorders

Katie Coffey, Communication Science and Disorders

Amara Ezenwa, Communication Science and Disorders

Fiona Mand, Communication Science and Disorders

Sarah Manning, Communication Science and Disorders

Kara Mase, Communication Science and Disorders

Emily Ng, Communication Science and Disorders

Courtney Otwell, Communication Science and Disorders

Malia Hart, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Bailey Oliver, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Jenna Wolff, Communication Sciences and Disorders

School of Information

Elicia Smith, Information Communication and Technology

Caroline Cayll, Information Communication and Technology

Adia Celestine, Information Communication and Technology

Angela Ging, Information Communication and Technology

Bridget Kabacinski, Information Communication and Technology

Jayla Mitchell, Information Communication and Technology

Addlyn Teague, Information Communication and Technology

Khaina Duncan, Information Communication and Technology

Natalie Marcelo, Information Technology

Logan Saliga, Information Technology

Jonathon Zayas, Information Technology