27 College Spring 2024 Graduates Receive Honors Medallion

Florida State University honored 27 College Spring 2024 graduates with an Honors Medallion, recognizing their outstanding academic achievements and exceptional skills in their respective fields. Florida State’s Honors Program strives to support students in realizing their potential and fostering a drive to positively impact the world, as symbolized by the Honors Medallion.

This program provides students with exceptional academic opportunities. Public Relations student, Caroline Giddens, said, “One of my favorite aspects of honors courses is the group discussion that is at the heart of the honors curriculum. Discussing current events, reading, and solving problems/issues with your peers is not an opportunity that is provided for every college student. Through these classes I was able to practice honing my thoughts to create more persuasive arguments to add to discussions.”

Additionally, the honors college allows students to develop a variety of skills that greatly impact both their academic and career endeavors. Information Technology student, Jordyn Dees, said, “The ceremony was a chance for me to wrap up my experience as a member of the Honors program. Watching people who had become my closest friends walk across that stage, and walking across that stage myself, allowed all of us to recognize the incredible achievement of being a member of FSU Honors. Reflecting on all I have learned and gained through this community, and imagining the great things that are still to come makes me emotional.”

Congratulations to all our students! Aliyah Blake, Anna Blanchard, Jordyn Dees, Caroline Giddens, Lauren Greenbaum, Jamie Guterman,  Emily Hale, Bianca Hamm, Ethan Hernandez,  Zoie Iglesias, Peninah Kimelman, Eve Larkin, Mary McGrane, Chloe Molinaro, Huiying (Amy) Ni, Brayden Poorvin, Jason Puwalski,  Katelyn Remboldt, Kayla Rodriguez, Emma Roush,  Elizabeth Schutte, Nicholas Schwab, Jaidyn Smith, Joshua Soffler, Ava Terry, Emilie Widarsson, and Andrew Zoch.