CCI students inducted into Garnet & Gold Scholar Society


Brendan Rempert, MCS major, will graduate this week from the College of Communication and Information but his experiences at Florida State will stay with him for a lifetime. Last summer he traveled to India as part of a research experience (one of the areas recognized by the Garnet and Gold program) and credits the trip for a new perspective.

The Garnet and Gold Scholar program asks you to learn outside of the classroom. Connecting the dots between your discoveries is important for understanding why we were here, and GGSS gives us the push for making it all make sense.”

Brendan is one of several CCI students joining the latest group of 216 inductees into Florida State University’s Garnet and Gold Scholar Society (GGSS), this year’s class will grow the society membership to over 1000 since its first cohort from Spring 2010.

Deanna Sand, ICT major, recently returned from her own study abroad experience in London, “Garnet and Gold was one of my favorite college initiatives; I’m thankful the program encourages us to reflect on our experiences and put them into perspective.”

The inductees have all completed the program’s requirements in three of five available areas: international study, internship, leadership, research and service. The newly minted GGSS members receive recognition on their transcripts and wear their society medals at graduation.


Hannah Brock, IT major (and almost alum), reflects on the impact the GGSS experience has had on her four years,

“This program helped me focus on my leadership skills and grow as a student; the ceremony was amazing and I was impressed to see where all my fellow inductees will be going after FSU.”

Each Garnet and Gold Scholar is paired with an Overall Program Advisor that mentors students throughout the program and evaluates the students work. According to Associate Dean Ebe Randeree, “Students that participated in GGSS represent the best of our university; they excel inside and outside the  classroom and our employers recognize this, value their engagement, and hire them for their leadership.  The program provides them with a vehicle to showcase their passions and sets them apart from other graduates.”


Matilda Jane Von Kalm, a PR major says the society pushed her to try experiences outside of her major,  “It’s easy to get caught up in your classes in college and not do much else, but through this program I learned so much more about my career goals than I ever could have just sitting through classes. Listening to the jobs and experiences all the students receiving their awards Thursday night were pursing after college was inspiring. It reminded me that your college experience is more than class five days a week, it’s about how you use that knowledge to pursue your passions.”

The College of Communications inductees were are guided by Overall Program Advisors including: Dr. Steve McDowell, Ebe Randeree, Dr.Stephen MacNamara, Betsy Crawford, Kate Herron, and Dr. Juliann Woods.

Our Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Members for Spring 2017:

Brendan Rempert, media/communication studies
Bradenton, FL

Hammadah Talib, communication science and disorders
Bristol, FL

Rose Rodgers-Dryfoos, media/communications studies
Brookline, MA

Claire Seefried, communication science and disorders
Chatham, NJ

Nicole Palenzuela, communication science and disorders
Clearwater, FL

Amanda Scherer, information communications and technology
Delray Beach, FL

Catherine Cuva, communication science and disorders
Glastonbury, CT

Aly Coleman, political science and public relations
Gulf Breeze, FL

Cathryn Dobrowolski, communication science and disorders
Jacksonville, FL

Lydia Hayes, communication science and disorders
Jacksonville, FL

Deanna Sand, information communication and technology
Jupiter, FL

Cristina Socarraz, communication science and disorders
Miami, FL

Joanna Alvarez, communication science and disorders
Miami, FL

Marielle Estrugo, information technology
Miami, FL

Victoria Fariñas, communication science and disorders
Miami, FL

Alexis Sanchez, communication science and disorders
Oakland Park, FL

Allison Mills, public relations
Ocala, FL

Matilda von Kalm, public relations and political science
Oviedo, FL

Michelle Sanabria, psychology and media/communications studies
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Christy Timm, communications science and disorders
Ponte Vedra, FL

Tatyana Smith, information communication and technology
Quincy, FL

Kelby Mahoney, information communication and technology
Sebring, FL

Amber Sieradzki, studio art and media/communications studies
Seminole, FL

Hannah Brock, information technology
St. Augustine, FL

Daniella Frank, biological science and media/communication studies
Tallahassee, FL

Leah Ramsier, information technology and creative writing
Tallahassee, FL

Meaghan Maus, media/communication studies and sports management
Tallahassee, FL

Rene Miller, marketing and digital media production
Titusville, FL