Developer Operations/Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) @ Ruvos

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Job Description
The DevOps/SRE serves a key role in the support of internal and external technical teams and operations. This position will work closely with all other teams to optimize infrastructure and application deployment, scaling, and management. Key responsibilities for this role include following Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and Declarative Configuration principles to manage cloud resources, designing/maintaining CI/CD pipelines, and designing/managing the automated deployment of applications.


Why is this role important to Ruvos?
Ruvos strives to be a positive contributor in public health, specifically informatics. Our daily accomplishments align with our company mission statement: “We’re on a mission to deliver clever and efficient solutions to problems so that the world is a better place for the communities we serve.”
The services Ruvos provides are: project management, software engineering/development, data integration, security and system operations, development operations, and data science. Each role should contribute to Ruvos’ reputation of taking on complex problems and evolving each service to meet the goals of our customers.
Public health informatics is undergoing a substantial change following COVID-19, and Ruvos expects to grow and add new team members in a responsible way as a result. Our company’s financial success depends on quality, on-time delivery of services which leads to new opportunities. Each role in the organization will contribute to supporting new customers and new initiatives from existing customers.


Job Responsibilities
  • Working within Agile SW Development frameworks such as Kanban or Scrum
  • Assisting development teams in the deployment and management of service deployments
  • Support/work alongside cross-functional engineering teams to deploy new systems and features
  • Support Operations team to resolve and minimize Production issues/outages
  • Automate build & deployment processes
  • Assist in the deployment and maintenance of CI / CD pipelines across multiple environments
  • Assist in the design and manage containerized applications via orchestration systems
  • Employ industry Continuous Delivery patterns and collaboratively work with other members to achieve successful continuous delivery solutions
  • AWS Resource Management following Infrastructure as Code principles
  • Attend organizational meetings (daily/weekly)
Required Job Skills
  • Experience with AWS Cloud Infrastructure – EC2, RDS, VPC, IAM, S3, Lambda, SNS, SQS, S3, API Gateway, CloudFront, ECS/Fargate, CLI, Batch, Eventbridge, MSK
  • Experience with provisioning AWS cloud resources using Terraform
  • Experience with Git, GitHub, GitLab
  • Experience with Containerization of software applications (Docker strongly preferred)
  • Experience with Designing and Maintaining CI/CD Pipelines (Gitlab preferred)
  • Understanding of Container orchestration tools (Kubernetes, ECS, Rancher preferred)
  • Familiarity with Monitoring Tools (Grafana, DataDog, CloudWatch)
  • Experience Debugging & Familiarity with some of:
  • Java, Javascript (Web & NodeJS), SQL, Markdown, Ruby, Angular, React
  • Experience using Team Communication Platforms such as Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams
  • Familiarity with Kanban or Scrum Agile frameworks
  • Familiarity using Project Management or Issue Tracking tools like Jira
  • Strong verbal, written communication, and documentation skills
  • Optional Experience
  • Helm
  • Flux
  • Configuration Management Automation (Puppet, Chef)
  • ElasticSearch & AWS OpenSearch
  • Keycloak or OAUTH2 Authentication
  • Semantic Versioning
  • HIPAA & FISMA Compliance
This role is full-time and, in accordance with FLSA, is classified as Exempt. An exempt employee is salaried and is not eligible to receive overtime pay, and is also excluded from minimum wage requirements.